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Business Choices

A complete platform to help you register and start your new business at most ease.

  • Finance a business
    • Equipment leasing
    • Accounts receivable loans – Factoring
    • Business Loans

Service Choices

Access to an assortment of business related services you may need in order to run your business competently.

  • Legal Services
    • Trademarks registration
    • Patent registration
    • Judgments / arbitration




Marketing Choices

An array of marketing services to help your business grow and be seen by your target clients.

  • Email Marketing
    • Customer base development
    • Email list acquisition
    • Email design and distribution
  • Mailing lists
    • Mailing list acquisition
    • Design postcards / letters
  • Telemarketing
    • Script writing
    • Outbound telemarketing
    • Customer service
  • Advertisement
    • Magazine advertisement
    • Catalog listing
    • Celebrity contracts

Administrative Choices

Admittance to a collection of business organizational services for you to utilize in order to manage your business proficiently.

  • Office space
    • Temporary office rentals
    • Commercial real estate
  • Outsourcing
    • Data storage / archive
    • Contractors / consultants
    • Security systems / Guards