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ISTARTBUSINESS.COM offers information on a collection of business finance programs for business owners. This information is free of charge and gives the business owner basic ideas and a starting point in the route to obtain financial help for its company.


 Business finance -Small Business Loans

A variety of business finance programs, which are offered to small businesses, by the government, in order to promote and help small businesses. Small Business Loans (also known as SBA Loans) are usually given for specific reasons like equipment financing, disaster aid, or real estate purchase.

Venture Capital financing

A private financing option for businesses witch fund entrepreneurial ventures and companies in order to help growth of ventures that cannot get funds otherwise. This is investment money that is invested in the shares (percentage of ownership) of the company and will gain value with the growth of the company.

Government grants and loans for businesses

In order to fight unemployment the federal or state governing offices promote incoming businesses in their areas by offering financial aid in the form of grants, loans or tax breaks. The advantage is obviously the no need of pay back however the target companies must hire employees in order to receive this type of financial help.

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