Travel services for your Business

ISTARTBUSINESS.COM provides advanced corporate travel coordination. It guides and consults with all the aspects needed to manage your company’s traveling needs and beyond. Use the “Contact Us” form to tell about your special corporate travel requirements and consider it done!

Business Travel arrangements


Corporate Travel Engagements

In the new corporate business world companies are involved in projects, locally and internationally, which require attentive travelling arrangements for the duration of those projects. In such cases the company is looking for flexible schedule, occasionally next day travel, with prices that will allow the company to “survive the trip”. In today’s online travel reservation era most companies can assign one of the employees for the corporate travel tasks however a traditional experienced business travel consultant can still hold a few tricks up the sleeve and tailor an appropriate flight and hotel reservation were others fail. Using corporate travel service agent can get you better terms and charges to meet a specific need or to confirm that your traveling worker involved is arriving in the location with minimum inconvenience, rested, and on time.

  • Traveling advance scheduling
  • Schedule and arrange transportation
  • Security or travel guide arrangements as needed
  • Organize company business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions worldwide
  • Provide hosting facilities at remote locations
  • Consultation on travel risks or weather conditions
  • Technology or communications arrangements
  • Business travel
    • Executives travel management
    • Group travel organization

Other Service Choices

Access to an assortment of business related services you may need in order to run your business competently.

    Various Federal and state regulations have require businesses to seek legal business protection and registration services for their names and products in order to operate under the law.
    Outsourced accounting services for businesses ranged from bookkeeping on weekly bases to payroll, tax returns or IRS audits. Consultants will evaluate your business accounting needs, educate your employees on accounting software and monitor your accounting practices.
    Insurance consultants will provide the service that you need to protect yourself and your business. The type of insurance needed, the costs involved and the different insurance programs may be accessible to you with little effort by you.
    Bring the expertise of a Human Resources consultant into your business, have a professional you may consult with at any time you need help with managing your stuff issues. This precious HR Solution can replace or train full time employees in organizing your business administrative tasks.
    A merchant Account processing consultant can analyze your business processing needs, for free, and tell you which processing method will best fit your needs and what will be the best way to save on processing fees for your business.