Hire office employees for your business

Don’t want to be responsible for workers’

compensation, Medicare, Social Security,

or payroll taxes? Use Temp Employees

ISTARTBUSINESS.COM provides temporary help to companies for a variety of occupations

  • administrative
  • accounting
  • marketing
  • technical / IT

Benefit from highly qualified employees without the high pay

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Temporary staff or temporary employment services are full time or part time employees that are hired on temporary basis. Employers may benefit from hiring temp employees in different ways:

  • Savings on payroll taxes and benefits
  • Checking employee’s performance before committing to hire
  • Get qualified employees for a specific project
  • Get qualified employees to educate company’s stuff on specific items

Administrative Choices

Admittance to a collection of business organizational services for you to utilize in order to manage your business proficiently.

  • Secretarial and Management Services
    • Bookkeeping and tax services
    • Management training and consulting
    • Data entry temps
    • Technical and information system consultants
    • Human Resources and payroll consultants
    • Marketing and promotions
    • Quality Control and regulation consultants
    • Sales force and sales training

Additional Administrative Choices

    A virtual office offers your business the flexibility of operating from an affordable location (or home) with the professional representation the business often needs. An expert answering service and an impressive office suite, with a secretary, allows preserving business professionalism will complete the demonstration.
    The use of outside entities to perform internal work in the company can benefit the business in many ways. The tax benefits are substantial and the inexpensive use of specific expertise of the experienced consultants without any obligation by the business owner (except payment) is priceless.