Hottest Trends in Women’s Clothing

We are already in the depth of summer, days are longer and warmer, and the sea and the beach are very close, even if for now they are just the ideal week end destination. The women clothing as always is the most detailed and refined. As for example big shirts, or caftan, short or long shirts. And then, equipped with bikini or one-piece with strings and laces, we cover the body only with a T-shirt maybe embellished with prints and sequins, or a mini dress (preferably transparent), or a long or short shirt, anyhow the important thing is to show ones body, even before the exposure to the sun.

Obviously, the password is accessories! A very large bag is unfailing, where you can store vices and needs, but also you can cover your head with a big foulard and do not forget to wear very high heels sandals, so that, if needed, your legs will seem much more slender.

As for swimsuit and clothing for the beach, there are many new proposals this season. For example, this summer bikini will be very fashionable, but also triangle and underwire, shorts, one-piece with deep necklines whose colors recall the various gradation of the savannah. But not only Africa, the trends for this summer will be also inspired by the great dive with very chic and refined models to bestow a charm and an allure of a diva of another era: the one-piece in jersey, the extremely elegant and dark model with deep neckline, this summer this fashion is a symbol of refined, modern and sensual elegance.

To complete this tres chic look, there are also the unfailing beachwear fashion accessories 2010: the wide brim hat as a true diva, the inevitable sunglasses, preferably very large, and the dark and sensual scarf.
Anything is allowed in order to highlight your body, whatever your physical, there is fitting accessories for each of us. As all real fashion victims know very well, all fashion houses are already announcing new trends for next summer beach fashion and many fashion designers have already presented their new collections.
In the last years beach accessories have also taken much importance, as flip-flops, beach towels, but also bracelets and necklaces, and the sarong will still play the lead in beach fashion.

This year beach fashion will also be based on Colombian style, so bikini will be again (but when it was not?) the more fashionable swimsuit. Bright colors, see-through sarongs, and south American patterns: really a wonderful collection. After winter, also in summer purple and all its nuances will be the most fashionable colors, and then also micro and maxi patterns, safari or jungle prints. Around the world of bikini or one-piece swimsuit, which is made with less and less cloth and that now exposes most parts of the body, you can find all beach accessories. Gossamer-like caftans made of chiffon or cotton muslins, hot pants and sarongs.
Beach bags are of great importance, made of canvas or straw, but always enriched by embroidery and appliquéd flowers, rigorously handmade crochet style and rigorously color-matching with the swimsuit.
It’s clear now that you can’t go to the beach just with a traditional swimsuit, but the beach has also become an important runaway for who always want to be cutting-edge style. Besides sarongs and caftans, tracksuits, hot pants and soft chenille pants absolutely don’t have to miss in your bag. Also toweling accessories have appeared: beach towels, ponchos, beach robe with inlays, with ruches. About shoes, ballerinas and flip-flops, made of toweling too, still are really ruling the roost, of every different color but always color-matching with the swimsuit or the sarong.

Given that bikini or at least two-piece are spreading everywhere, one-piece also adapt itself and leave uncovered more and more body parts. Plain color swimsuit almost gives way to prints, French lace inserts, some swimsuit are even full covered with myriads of hand sewed prismatic precious stones.
A necessary accessory in your bag is definitely sun cream, there are any kind of sun creams with any level of protection, the most important thing is that your skin have to be always hydrated and you don’t get a sunburn, so in the first days is better to use a bit higher level of protection or you will have to change all your clothes to match with your purple-red skin. It is always better not to overuse of sunbathe, skin is much more fashionable if it is healthy and hydrated even if a bit less tanned. The sunlamps, but used in moderation, will prepare the skin to solar exposition, besides giving you a bit of tan.

Empire waist dresses have always been a favorite wear for women. These beach dresses create a sophisticated look and are truly on trend! The outline of empire waist beach dresses is especially flattering to pear shapes wishing to disguise stomach area or emphasize bust. The shape of these dresses help to lengthen body’s appearance. Empire waist beach dresses suit women of many figures, as the free-flowing skirt camouflage many body parts that women are uncomfortable with, including stomach, thighs and butt.

Prints and patterns emerged as a major summer fashion trend. Becah dresses with flowery prints or circular and flowy patterns look really awesome. These dresses reveal the summer fun in their own way. Whether done with pastel shades or bright colors, print and patterns always reveal summer beauty in a fantastic way.

Beach kaftans with bold all-over prints and tie-belt are very much in trend these days. Long beach dresses are no doubt, very elegant and chic beach wear. These dresses reveal the beach fashion as well as they are very feminine. Their fashionable designs and multicolored frills make them perfect for a beach round-up. These beach dresses are very formal and perfect for beach parties.

Loosy beach tops, ahhh! Every woman would like to roam and have fun on a beach in these very chic beach tops.
Tops with tie-n-die effects are perfect for beaches as well as casual wear.

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