Use of Fillers (party favors) to promote your Direct Sales home business

Fillers are basically party favors that you give your clients or even people who you happen to meet around town. Fillers are a great way to market your business and get your products known by a broad range of people. Things that are considered good fillers are, coupons, key chains, pens or pencils with the company name, business cards, small samples, confetti etc. Fillers are virtually anything you can fill a bag with while promoting your product.

¬†Fillers are cost effective because most of the fillers can be made at home. (remember this is promoting your business so if you are making them at home, make sure it is in a professional manner.) Fillers such as pens and key chains can also be made cheap and will pay off because they will be done quicker, allowing you to distribute more, faster. There are also two ways to use your fillers. You can create your own goodie bags and give them out to family, friends, and acquaintances, or, you can give them to others to put into their gift bags at birthday parties, home parties, holidays etc. If you give fillers to others, make sure to attach a business card onto whatever you are giving. Also, if you are making bags of your own, make sure to put a business card into each bag. If you are swapping fillers with a non-competitive company, make sure you take into consideration the type of filler they are giving you in comparison to your own. You always want to make sure your filler is noticed, even if next to another person’s filler selling something different.

¬†After the fillers are made you can distribute them to family, friends, office workers, local business offices, doctor’s offices, cashiers, servers, salons, babysitters, and almost everyone you happen to run into. Remember you want a broad range of clientele to appeal to your product. Remember to be creative and open minded when making your fillers. The more creative and out of the box your filler is, the more attention you will receive, leading to more customers.

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