Like it or Not! Hottest Trends play a major part in Teens development

Teen clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories… etc play a major part in their development. Here are some tips on the latest fashion accessories for teens that will be just apt for her environment.

Use these tips when you are buying clothes. Pay attention to what other teenage girls are wearing. Search on the web for the latest outfit on sale. Make a list of clothes on style with the resources that flaunt her assets and hide those less than perfect aspects of her body.

Teen’s body shapes keep growing with time. The clothes that bought few months ago may not fit her well. Go for sleeveless dresses that are a bit long. Get clothes with wonderful designs that mix colour, textures and tons of style. Get the hottest look in the sexy, slim fit skinny jeans. Too short skirts may not be a welcome note in the schools or colleges. However, short skirts with opaque tights will still let her be in style. Black tights look great with daytime dresses; legs look sleek and beautiful in cold weather. Tank tops are fun teen summer clothing. Flag-adorned jeans and tops and lots of neutral khaki or olive garb are also in fashion. Ankle length evening gowns are gorgeous for a party wear. For fun and fashionable look this summer, go for a pair of cargo or utility style pants that are designed to roll up at the hem. Grab gauchos of any colour and any fabric for this summer.

Body jewelry (both the pierced and non pierced types) that is unusually designed and made with inexpensive materials is the trend for teenage girls this year. Beaded bracelets and rings made of Czech glass, lamp work beads and Swarovski crystal are the other hot trends in teen jewelry fashion. However handmade beaded accessories are more bold and unique in style. Slave bracelets popularized by teen star Hilary Duff’s are making its mark in feminine teen jewelry fashion style. Sporty or masculine teen jewelry highlights on beadwork, silverwork, leatherwork and unusual stones. While the junk is ruling silver plated jewelry and jewelry with gemstone has not lost its following among teenagers. Jewelry with birthstones also has marked their trend in the fashion world. Use these guidelines and take the world of teenage girls’ fashion by storm.

As the warmer weather begins to emerge so do the most up-to-date and latest 2010 summer fashion trends. This summer season the focus is on relaxed style with a fashionable and chic twist.
There is no better time than the summer season to explore unique and one of a kind vintage fashions finds or a variety of vintage inspired styles. One of a kind t-shirts, stylish tank tops, printed blouses, funky belts or a pair of must-have brand name jeans can be found at eclectic and local shops or online stores that specialize in vintage fashion.

For authentic vintage styles and trends try going to auction houses, antique stores and boutiques. Jewelry, jackets, vests, and dresses can most often be found with minimal wear and tear and enjoyed all season long.
If vintage inspired is preferred look for fitted jackets, fish tailed skirts, contemporary styled dresses with simple clean lines, v-neck tank tops, scoop neck t-shirts and flared jeans. Complete the vintage inspired look by pairing the outfit wedge styled heels or peep-toe pumps, a pair of dew drop earrings, a pendant necklace or crystal embellished watch.

Flowing trousers, fish-tailed skirts and long scoop neck blouses are going to be hot trends for the summer season. Loose, flowing clothing that is made from fine, light weight material is a great way to stay cool and trendy when the weather is exceptionally hot and muggy. The boho style includes elements of vintage, hippie and gypsy inspired trends including skirts that sway; pants that flare, v-neck or scoop neck t shirts, comfortable tunics and plenty of rich colorful jewelry. Choose one bohemian styled item and wear it with a fitted item. Pair flowing pants with a fitted top, a gypsy styled skirt with a snug tank top; or a loose and flowing blouse with a pair of chic black leggings. Finish off the bohemian look with some gold and silver bangle bracelets, chandelier earrings or a long pendant necklace.

This summer the fashion trends are complimented by earth inspired colors including moss green, rustic red, golden yellow and earthy orange. Muted colors such as cream, off-white, grey; black and brown complete the color palette this summer season. The summer season is gearing up to be incredibly fashionable and edgy with a return to earth inspired color schemes as well as vintage and bohemian inspired fashion trends.
What better way to proudly announce your favorite season than by wearing the mascot, the butterfly. Butterflies are perfect for the free spirit in you, and ideal for any age. So spread your wings and discover why butterfly jewelry for spring is such a special piece to give, or own. During Spring, butterflies are found far and wide. There are many options for those who would like to purchase their very own butterfly necklace, ring, or bracelet. One new unique trend is butterfly jewelry made from real butterflies. The butterflies are not killed to make this jewelry, but once they do pass naturally, their wings are used to make handmade jewelry. Just like human’s fingerprints, no two butterfly wings are identical. If you’d rather not purchase jewelry made from real butterflies, no problem! There are many pieces that are modeled after the fluttery perfection that is this beautiful creature. Some companies go so far as matching their sterling silver pieces and painting them with enamel paint, which is ideal for those that are rough and tough with their pieces. Getting a piece of jewelry mad from sterling silver is great for those that want a piece that lasts. Easy to clean, and durable enough to last even the toughest of battles, sterling silver is the best way to encase your butterfly piece.

Butterflies are great for those that have gone through a large transformation, or change, and have succeeded. A very sentimental gift for anyone who may have traveled through a large change, the butterfly symbolizes a beautiful creature that has completed their own transformation. Many celebrations that take place during spring include outdoor activities, where butterflies are prominent. And how cute would it be to celebrate with butterflies fluttering around, and a gorgeous sterling silver butterfly necklace humbly presented around your neck. These light and right pieces are great for those free spirits. The butterfly is often represented as such. These pieces are great for all ages as well.

From pre-teen to adults, butterfly jewelry matches any person, personality, and wardrobe. The butterfly is also a great piece to give to a spouse.

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