Few techniques to make your Hostess Happy for a successful house direct sales party

  1. Offer your hostess incentives if she agrees to host a party. For an example, the company can offer free gifts to the hostess if she holds more than one party.
  2. Adding hostess and selling tips on a weekly newsletter will let the hostess know what to do and what not to do without you having to add in any “constructive criticism.”
  3. Send thank you cards, greeting cards, and post cards, every once in a while to let your hostess know you were thinking about her.
  4. Motivating the hostess will increase sales tremendously over time because the hostess will be confident and convincing when hosting the party. You can even send her free samples and ask her about how they were during the party.

Supporting your hostess’ needs will let her know that you are loyal and will be there if she needs any help. Help her with any problems she has, even if the party has passed, because she will be more inclined to let her friends know about you and how much fun it was hosting parties with you.

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