Direct Sales: self coaching techniques and good customer relations

Self Talk improves Direct Sales

Self talk is a technique helpful in improving your self esteem and to motivate yourself in sales. Self talk is internal, but after a while your subconscious believes what it hears. Self talk can be positive or negative, but positive self talk will make you feel on top of the world at the end of the day. Positive self talk is necessary for feeling better about yourself, but it does not work automatically; you have to work at it for a couple of days before you can feel confident about yourself. Self talk will eventually change your behavior and your outlook on the way you sell improving your self esteem and motivation.

Improve Sales through Quality Customer Care

Calling a customer personally is a great way to improve Customer relations. By talking to a client you begin to understand the customer’s needs and desires, which will help you understand the way the product will help the person. For an example, if you are selling a skincare product, you can tell one of your client’s is having financial difficulties, you can offer the client discounts on the product and offer he/she to host your next party. The client will be a good host because they already love and use the product which will increase sales, and he/she will get discounts on the products. It leaves the client and you happy.

Calling in will help you understand which products the customer enjoys and you can keep the client updated on the newest products in that field. You can also tend to the specific needs of the client when there is a better relationship between you two. And NEVER treat your client with disrespect. Making the client feel good and happy is the greatest way to increase sales of your product.

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