Corporate Relocation Tips

– Choose only reputed corporate mover for your corporate relocation. Do not mistake a corporate mover with a household mover.

– Plan every thing well in advance so that the work is in progress even when the packing and shifting is in process. Try to finish the whole process as soon as possible (can finish it over a weekend too).

– Make yourself and the mover familiar with the new location so that you design the new office and make the move a quicker one.

– It is always good to prepare an Office Moving Guide and incorporate all information about the new office and pass it on to all who are connected with the corporation. It should include the location map of the new office, blue print of the whole office, employees seating position etc.

– Contacts play a key role in any corporation’s growth and help to sustain. So make sure you do not lose any contact. Also inform the postal department about the change in address so that all your mails will be redirected.

– Always mark the furniture and other things so that they might not be misplaced. For instance an employee must be using a table and needs the same in the new location it will be easy to fix it for him if marked. Mistakes like placing an office boy’s table for the head of the corporation may take place.

– While moving technological machines it is always good to hire a professional to unfix and fix. Also do not forget to remove the fluids or any other material that spills over from photocopy machines or printers.

– Move personal or valuable items privately. Things like legal papers, security documents, cash or other valuables should be kept under your control and should be moved privately.

– You should accompany or authorize some body to move with the mover and make sure that the packing, unpacking and rearranging is also supervised.

– Before and after moving inform those people who need to be informed.

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