Advertising Foster Care

Five Acres is one of Rosemary Children’s services’ biggest competitors in Los Angeles County. They are a foster care facility that harbors young children that have unstable families. They work to reunite the families through therapy, training, and unique- community based programs. They are the oldest child care facility in Los Angeles and have a cap of 80 children. They push for families to sign up to become foster families, so that they can find good homes for the children that stay there.

Some of their advertising practices include podcasts, public relations, news articles, community activities, videos, social media, and their interactive website. On their website, they have all of their media available; you can hear a podcast of a show that was on 1260 KGIL, which explains all about their program. (

Another local competitor is Penny Lane. Penny Lane doesn’t have very much media content on their website, but they seem to do a lot of self-promotions through events like picnics and “Earth Day Clean-ups”. Their website seems young and still mostly under construction. They have promotion videos and a jingle, but they don’t seem to be as active as Five Acres.

Penny Lane’s position in the market seems to be very similar to Five Acres, but I think it is important to be noted that both of them foster both boys and girls and Rosemary Children’s Services primarily focuses on young girls. (

Hillsides is a non-profit organization just like the above competitors, but it is linked to a chain of child care facilities across the nation; there is a “Hillside” in both NY and Georgia. This specific Hillsides is based out of Los Angeles and is very strong in the Pasadena region.
Hillsides are just as active as Five Acres, but they utilize their location by having many celebrity endorsements, such as Jay Leno, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and more. It promotes the organization through the Hollywood community with an annual Benefit, news, press releases, and constant events. In order to be active with the public, they run a blog that is updated every few days by the CEO, Joe Costa.

Lastly, they have put on a fundraising event “Hillsides Foster Soles” for the past two years. “Foster Soles is an ongoing online auction of celebrity autographed shoes that aims to raise awareness of foster care issues, benefit children’s programs and services to help them transition to adulthood, and empower people to demonstrate their compassion to children at risk and youths who are in crisis.” ( They have a large cast of celebrity sponsors that grows every day.

For more information on Rosemary’s Children, you can visit A brief history is taken from the website and pasted here:
“Rosemary Children’s Services continues as one of the oldest West Coast charities that helps boys and girls of all ages who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. Its programs include a Foster Care Program, which helps nearly 400 children, annually, throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, a Non-Public School providing specialized education in a small structured environment, a Mental Health Program to provide individual and group therapy and training in various life skills, and the Residential Program which includes Rosemary Cottage and four group homes.”

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