Abc Rule of MLM Prospecting

MLM ProspectingMost people start off their MLM/ Network Marketing business by prospecting their friends and family. These people, no doubt trust you the most, but they are also the hardest prospect you will get.

Without proper handling of your appointment with them, you can forget about recruiting them to your network. This is because friends tend to be more judgmental of you, and they view you as an equal, therefore it is not easy opening them up to listen to you. During the presentation, some may joke, and are not serious in the presentation, some may also give you objections before you start your presentation.

Therefore, as a new comer to the industry, it is good to have your upline who is willing to help you in your first few appointments with your friends. They are the best people to leverage upon.

You need to practice the rule of ABC during presentations when your upline is helping you. ABC

A- Advisor (your upline)

B- Bridge (you)

C- Customer (your prospect/ friend)

It’s your job to bridge the gap between your friend and your upline. Give background about your friend to your upline, and let your friend know why you respect this upline so much. During the presentation, you should sit by your friend, giving support through out the presentation.

You should always be around during such presentation to show respect to your upline and friend. Try not to give advice and “try to help” your upline, during the presentation, this will undermine your upline’s authority. Just sit there and agree to what he says is the best help you can give.

You will be the one closing your friend to join you in the business, not your upline. Give moral support to your friend and assure him that joining you will be the right choice. You should also be doing problem solving if your friend is reluctant or indecisive. Give support as a friend, so you won’t be too aggressive or pushy. It’s not worth losing a friend over this.

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